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Research shows that companies that are brand innovators are growing their top-line four percentage points faster than less innovative companies.
Even market leading brands can benefit from innovation through new techniques and approaches in the three pillars of innovation: Discovery, Strategy and Ideation.
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Key components include: Current scenario assessment, through data analysis, visual audit, usage and attitude studies; shopper and technical insights; brand architecture; regional brand safaris; research and development; and alignment of all business departmental silos.

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Innovation is implementing a new marketing method involving significant changes in product and service design, placement, and promotion, with critical components such as trend reporting, white space, hypothesis, innovation sprints and ideation
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Purpose driven brands achieve more than twice the brand-value growth than of brands that focus purely on profit generation, and purpose clarity is directly correlated with financial performance – Fundamental fast food for the innovator.

Brands are beacons of trust, the more options consumers have, the more critical these beacons become. Data and analytics are transforming the way brands and customers interact with each other.

In this situation, it’s time to update the proven principles of brand strategy.


Art and Craft

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Innovation scamping, prototyping, brand identity design, packaging innovation or restage, brand naming, brand guard books, print and omnichannel preparation.