Sustainable Packaging at the Design Stage of Large Brand Portfolios

Sustainable Packaging at the Design Stage of Large Brand Portfolios Introduction In today’s world, where environmental concerns are growing, adopting sustainable practices has become crucial for businesses across all industries. One area where companies can make a significant impact is in the design stage of their packaging. Sustainable packaging not only reduces the environmental footprint […]

5 Steps to creating a great Brand Identity

Introduction A strong brand identity is crucial for the success of any business. It helps to differentiate the business from its competitors and create a loyal customer base. Creating a brand identity involves various factors such as logo, typography, color palette, visual elements, messaging, and branding guidelines. In this article, we will discuss the steps […]


Today I am going to share four easy steps in the design of a consumer-relevant glass bottle, that is unique, iconic and technically feasible with high market impact potential. This case study was one of my projects a couple of years ago. I have not gone into depth on the creation of the DXF files […]

Sustainable Packaging using Brand Architecture

Predictive data modelling is a strategic tool for packaging manufacturers servicing growers, brand owners and retailers, that mitigates risk and compliments amortisation and long-term contracts.

Clive’s Column

Clive's Column Sega organic frozen lemon juice Clive's Column

Michelle Legge’s post matric years were spent in Melbourne, Australia. Like many entrepreneurs, she spent her early career in advertising, specialising in copywriting. On her return home to Cape Town, a business idea began to hatch. 

Regulation And E-Commerce Drive Adaptation


THE past month has provided PPM’s team members with a fascinating whirlwind tour of the way the Kenyan market has responded to the ban on the production and use of plastic carrier bags (read more on page 17), and how Indian packaging machinery suppliers are developing alternative technologies to meet the challenge of an impending ban on the production of nonrecyclable multilayer plastics, sheets and carrier bags.

High Five For Flexible First

Printing Technology Innovation Days for Flexible Packaging

IMAGETOPRINT’S Printing Technology & Innovation Days for Flexible Packaging took place at the Riverside Hotel in Durban in March 2018.

Global Packaging, Consumer Trends Conference

Design, Packaging, Consumer Trends Conference

STRATCOM BRANDING — a founding member of the Global Local Branding Alliance — hosted the 9th Global Packaging Conference on Consumer Insights and Packaging Trends at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg on March 2, 2018.