Is there Zero conscience packaging?

Image Credit: Tipa-corp website This paper will focus on the latest trends in sustainable branded packaging, looking at the use of biodegradable materials, innovative design, and the incorporation of technology. Biodegradable Materials One trend in sustainable packaging is the use of biodegradable materials, which break down naturally over time without leaving harmful residues. Companies are […]


Today I am going to share four easy steps in the design of a consumer-relevant glass bottle, that is unique, iconic and technically feasible with high market impact potential. This case study was one of my projects a couple of years ago. I have not gone into depth on the creation of the DXF files […]

Purpose Driven Sustainable Packaging for growth in the OzAgri industry.

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Large Brand Owners and local Agri producers want sustainable packaging, that aligns with 87% of Australian consumers’ values to generate less waste, yet a lack of readily available ‘big data’ and manufacturers’ capabilities may be hampering their ability to launch packaging that aligns with their values.

Sustainable Packaging using Brand Architecture

Predictive data modelling is a strategic tool for packaging manufacturers servicing growers, brand owners and retailers, that mitigates risk and compliments amortisation and long-term contracts.