Re-thinking your packaging design for the new digital consumer

Digital Consumers Shopping Retail SA packaging design for the new digital consumer

iCitizens; Millennials; digital natives; call them what you will, but if your business model is still trying to catch up with what ‘them confounded Millennials’ want in packaging, you are going to get left behind by a new “generation” of Digital Nomads.

Harnessing the evolutionary power of smart packaging in Africa

evolutionary power of smart packaging

For the last few years, packaging industry professionals have been curious about the future of smart packaging. Whilst barcodes and quick-response (QR) codes were once considered the “next big thing” in packaging, the acceleration of technology is transforming smart packaging that needs to fit in with the modern-day consumer purchasing habits.

‘Stay Woke’ Or Get Left Behind

woke packaging

From the effect of hashtags like #ArabSpring, #BlackLivesMatter, #BlackGirlMagic, #BlackExcellence, #MeToo and the like, it is clear that the “woke” revolution cannot be ignored by brands and by the global community we live in. 

Design For Disruption

Design, Packaging, Consumer Trends Conference

So you were just getting your packaging sorted for the Millennials. Too late! Get ready for the Digital Nomads. These and other insights from the recent Global Local Branding Alliance GLBA conference in Johannesburg. Marisa Spiros was there

Glba’s Innovation Funnel Of Packaging Creativity

Packaging in the 21st Century is as much art as it is science and technology, says Stratcom CEO Gail Macleod. Packaging these days is also inextricably intertwined with branding and marketing, she says. 

Regulation And E-Commerce Drive Adaptation


THE past month has provided PPM’s team members with a fascinating whirlwind tour of the way the Kenyan market has responded to the ban on the production and use of plastic carrier bags (read more on page 17), and how Indian packaging machinery suppliers are developing alternative technologies to meet the challenge of an impending ban on the production of nonrecyclable multilayer plastics, sheets and carrier bags.

Consumer Behaviour Is Shifting. Shouldn’t Your Brand Be Too?

Consumer Behaviour Packaging, Consumer Trends Conference

Shopping habits are changing. A lifestyle change sees consumers replacing large weekly shopping excursions with more rushed frequent trips. The buzzwords “healthy”, “fresh”, “natural” and “organic” being on everyone’s tongue, have shoppers visiting the fresh and chilled aisles, whilst turning their backs on processed, ambient, and frozen offerings.

High Five For Flexible First

Printing Technology Innovation Days for Flexible Packaging

IMAGETOPRINT’S Printing Technology & Innovation Days for Flexible Packaging took place at the Riverside Hotel in Durban in March 2018.

Global Packaging, Consumer Trends Conference

Design, Packaging, Consumer Trends Conference

STRATCOM BRANDING — a founding member of the Global Local Branding Alliance — hosted the 9th Global Packaging Conference on Consumer Insights and Packaging Trends at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg on March 2, 2018.