Sustainable Packaging using Brand Architecture
Sustainable Packaging

Using Brand Architecture to drive sustainable packaging!

Predictive data modelling is a strategic tool for packaging manufacturers servicing growers, brand owners and retailers, that mitigates risk and compliments amortisation and long-term contracts.

Using smart tools and business analytics is a surefire way to service customers by anticipating their needs with data and unique insights.

The questions that need to be answered are therefore:

Who should carry the cost of sustainable packaging ideation and why is this not a key component of Brand Architecture

Should it be a Marketing, Government or a Manufacture initiative?

  • For marketers, this is I.P. that is tightly guarded
  • For manufacturers, this would be a strategic advantage
  • For producers, it is often cost prohibitive and a collaborative approach by category would be beneficial.

Therefore, should this be an Agri growers initiative or a council funded/supported initiative?

Brand Architecture in packaging is an invaluable tool in the successful planning and launch of sustainable packaging to drive a higher rate of attrition and financial success for all parties.

If you are a large brand owner, retailer or packaging manufacturer and want to know more about Brand Architecture, book me for a consultation to discuss your project.

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