Stratcom Branding Connects With ‘Big Brands’ For Trends & Innovation Global Packaging Conference

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A great success, the 9th Global Packaging Conference on Consumer Insights and Packaging Trends — hosted by Stratcom Branding in Johannesburg on 2 March 2018 — saw some of South Africa’s local hero and global giant clients, together with packaging specialists from seven corners of the globe, unpack disruptive trends and vital insights into the global packaging industry, sharing local and international innovation and paving the way forward for the industry.

The 9th Global Packaging Conference kicked off with Gail Macleod, the CEO of Stratcom Branding and a founding member of the Global Local Branding Alliance — an alliance of seven global packaging and branding specialists. Gail is a South African thought-leader, previously a commercialisation of innovation adjudicator and sought-after speaker in the design and packaging industry and the driving force behind Stratcom Branding, a leading packaging design business in South Africa, servicing some of South Africa’s biggest brands. 

Macleod spoke of the unique challenges that face African and South African countries, juxtaposed by the opportunities that arise as a result of our resilience. The opportunities for big brands to recruit new consumers whilst retaining the current consumers through packaging strategy and architecture including smart packaging as something South Africans should embrace as a true enabler. 

Referring to a speech by recently elected President Cyril Ramaphosa, she said, “I live for the day that we will see packaging design solve big problems like waste or medicine distribution in Africa. We are reporting for duty. Send us.” 

The speakers included Christoph Waldau from Berlin, who discussed the world of packaging innovation and structure. As CEO of a successful packaging company in Germany, he focused on innovation through packaging engineering, structure and material as a driving force of differentiation. 

Dr Orhan lrmak, of Istanbul, gave an interesting insight into the importance of heritage and culture when it comes to branding and packaging, highlighting the need for awareness of the importance of heritage in the developing markets like Turkey and the Middle East. 

He noted that heritage affects everything from positioning to product formulations, from packaging size to packaging graphics and success in the future. 

A brand depends on how well you understand who your consumers are and that encompasses their values and heritage. 

David Ceradini, from New York, enthralled the audience with his synopsis on connection through design and the way forward. He gave some helpful insight into tools that can assist and the responsibility of the designers and marketers to understand how to optimise these tools to facilitate human centered design and emotional connections. 

Next up was Anna Lukanina from Moscow. Russia is a country often relegated to stereotypes, yet it is leading in many ways in the packaging industry because they are very much in touch with the trends driving consumer needs. Anna said that their focus remains on a new visual culture, which is embedded in the new generation. Dealing with a seemingly alien world compared to that we are used to, packaging in Russia must appeal to the generation who are strong in values but who loathe inconvenience and are fond of fame. 

Lastly, Tracy Huang Xihau from Shanghai entertained the audience with the latest and greatest homegrown Chinese intelligence. 

Being the world largest Ecommerce market and now setting the benchmark for present and future global retailing, China holds the largest online retail market. A new digital retail era has come to China and they seem to embrace it quicker than the rest of the world. Tracy engaged with examples including smart packaging, WeChat and broadcaster-led marketing.

Hosted bi-annually in one of the seven countries, the next Global Packaging Conference will be hosted locally in three years’ time, and globally in Shanghai in September. Packaging and branding trends will again have evolved in that time. 

Keep an eye on the continual ground-breaking trends that the partnership with Stratcom Branding will bring. 

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