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Gail Macleod, the founder and president of Macleodglba in Brisbane, Australia, is a seasoned business leader with a storied career in brand management. She’s a former president and founder of Stratcom Branding GLBA, which was established in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1994. In 2019, Gail took on the role of Strategic Director at bstrat GLBA, a 100% BBBEE company in Johannesburg. Additionally, she is a co-founder and board member of the Global Local Branding Alliance (GLBA), established in 2013.


GLBA is a coalition of eight multi-award-winning strategic brand and packaging agencies located in New York, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Istanbul, Shanghai, Johannesburg, and Brisbane.


Gail’s success is rooted in her holistic approach to business. She expertly bridges the gap between management, marketing, R&D, shopper, legislation, distribution, and procurement, all in pursuit of delighting the Strategic Value Customer (SVC). Through research, collaboration, innovation sprints, current scenario discovery, intellectual property management, networking, career mentorship, and training, she embodies the principle of “Know Your Customer Deeply” (KYCD), in both B2B and B2C contexts.


As an esteemed adjudicator, collaborator, and consultant, Gail offers her expertise in innovation, particularly in packaging and its commercialization.


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Gail Macleod’s Sisonke Initiative, representing ‘coming together,’ partnered with South African SMMEs, also known as ‘mom and pop’ businesses. This socially responsible effort offered pro bono expert consulting and innovative packaging design to support local entrepreneurs and enhance creative projects..

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