About Macleodglba

An agile global shaper with the ability to conceive excellence in fit for purpose design that can work at scale.

Gail Macleod is the founder and president of Macleodglba Brisbane Australia, retired president and founder of Stratcom Branding GLBA [established in 1994, Johannesburg, South Africa], Strategic Director of bstrat GLBA [established in 2019, Johannesburg, South Africa – 100% BBBEE] and co-founder and board member of the GLBA [Global Local Branding Alliance], established in 2013.

GLBA comprises eight multi-award-winning strategic brand and packaging agencies in New York, Berlin, Sao Paulo, *Moscow, Istanbul, Shanghai, Johannesburg and Brisbane.

Key ingredients include: bridging the divide between management, marketing, RnD, shopper, legislation, distribution and procurement, to truly delight the Strategic Value Customer [SVC]; and to Know Your Customer Deeply [KYCD] in business to business [B2B] and business to consumer [B2C] through research, collaboration, innovation sprints, current scenario discovery, intellectual property management, networking, career mentorship and training.

Gail adjudicates, collaborates, and consults on innovation including packaging and the commercialisation thereof.


UJ_University of Johannesburg [National Diploma in Graphic Design]

WITS University of the Witwatersrand [Graduate School of Business Administration SMME]

UCT_University of Cape Town [Get Smarter certificate – Digital Marketing]

UCT_University of Cape Town [Get Smarter certificate – Business Analytics]

UCT_University of Cape Town [Get Smarter certificate – Accounting Technology & Bookkeeping]

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  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent creative thinker
  • Excellent ability to manage multiple complex large-scale brand & packaging projects simultaneously
  • Excellent at traditional and digital marketing strategy and project feasibility studies
  • Excellent brand and packaging architect
  • Excellent brand, product and packaging innovation workshop host, results orientated with consumer, shopper, e-commerce and technical analysis
  • Proficient security print knowledge
  • Excellent strategic and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent managerial skills and people management >25 and <450
  • Excellent creative thinking, in packaging ideation of all formats, closures, anti-tamper, anti-counterfeit and sustainable with high distribution capabilities
  • Excellent digital competence in track and trace smart packaging
  • Excellent complex project management skills
  • Excellent virtual team enabler and motivator
  • Excellent graduate trainer
  • Proficient local and global speaker
  • Excellent at competitive global ideation sprints
  • Excellent in all digital technology
  • Proficient in cyber security
  • Proficient with Trademark, Copyright & Royalty negotiations
  • Excellent with high level team leadership, such as Research and development, global multicultural Exec boards
  • Excellent at networking, collaboration and ongoing relationship building

Giving Back

Sisonke [coming together], a social responsibility initiative by Gail Macleod in S.A. to partner with SMMEs [mom and pop businesses] through pro bono expert consulting and packaging design.
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Notable Projects